Two of the most common questions I receive from clients are “How much is my case worth” and “When can I settle my Case”. With regards to the second question, I generally tell my clients that their case is not ready for any type of settlement until they have completed treatment and they are certain that they have fully recovered. Once they reach that point, I can obtain the necessary documentation to complete my evaluation of their case.

Now some clients have to go through prolonged treatment for serious injuries. In this circumstance, the case is not ready for settlement until the client is further along in his medical treatment to the point where the doctor can confidently assess his future.

Once a client settles, they cannot go back to the insurance company and get more money.

If the client thinks they are going to have more complications down the road, I need to make sure that I am aware of them and ensure that the medical experts address issues such as the necessity of future medical care, the cost of the care, the likelihood of future lost income as well as a variety of other issues.

Once those have been properly addressed and documented by the experts, then I think it is time to initiate some settlement discussions with the insurance company.

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