Even though your personal injury attorney is handling the legal aspects of the case, the client remains responsible for numerous aspects of the case as well.

First and foremost, the client is responsible for obtaining the medical care and treatment that they need.  If they are injured, it is their responsibility to go to the doctor and follow the doctor’s recommendations.  They need to be compliant patients.

Second, they need to ensure that the treatment they are receiving is providing they with “long-term” benefits. If it is only providing temporary relief, then they need to go back to their doctor, discuss the issue and find out if they should continue with that treatment plan.Third, the client needs to realize that all of the medical expenses are still his or her responsibility.  While we will include all of the medical expenses in the case, the client needs to remember that they are still legally liable for all of those medical expenses. Similarly, the client should ensure that all of the medical bills are being properly submitted through their health insurance company to help avoid collection calls and credit issues.

Fourth, the client needs to keep the attorney informed on their medical treatment and their progress as well as any changes in addresses, phone number and other pertinent information. 

Fifth, the client should help document various aspects of their case.  This would include keep a list of the time and hours they missed from work, a list of the medical facilities and doctors they have seen and preferably a detailed summary of how their injuries have affected them and their family.

Finally, the client needs to be honest with their medical providers and the attorney throughout the course of the case.

If the client completes theses tasks, it greatly assists the attorney in building their case and it will help increase the value of the case.

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