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23-Year-Old OSU Student Killed in Wrong-Way Crash

Ray Critchett July 26, 2018

When you live in an area where there are several one-way roads, it is important that you take your time and never rush to turn down a road unless you are sure you are permitted to do so. One neighborhood nearby to the OSU campus is known for having several one-way roads and sadly, it is now being recognized as the location where 23-year-old Alex Linard was killed [Source: ABC On Your Side]. 

Here are the details that led up to this fatal accident occurring. 

It was 2:00 a.m. when Linard was on his way home to his Summit Street apartment. He had just gotten off of work and as he was driving, a wrong-way driver blew through the intersection of 15th Avenue and Summit Street and struck Linard’s vehicle head-on. Witnesses said that Linard had a green light at the time of the collision which could only mean the wrong-way driver didn’t, and broke a traffic law. Mark Njie, who happens to live nearby to where the car crash occurred, said he woke up to sirens and a woman screaming. He stated that “It was a pretty gruesome scene. My car was right here and all the cars here were pretty messed up. I could have been walking.” 

The fact is, this accident could have been much worse had it occurred at a busier time of day when more people would have been out walking or driving. 

How can I avoid a collision on a one-way road? 

Although many cities have adopted one-way roads to help prevent traffic congestion, they do, in fact, confuse drivers at times and pose as a serious risk to them. So, in order to help you navigate these roadways properly and avoid engaging in an accident, consider these tips the next time you find yourself turning down a one-way road.

   1. Use Correct Lanes for Turns 

To help prevent an accident from occurring, drivers are encouraged to be prepared for a turn ahead of time rather than attempting to make a turn at the last minute. Also, be sure you pay attention to roadway signs and only make turns from designated turning lanes. You won’t want to turn from a center lane unless it is marked as a “turn lane.” 

  1. Pay Attention to Road Signs 

It is extremely important that you watch for street signs as they will indicate “entrances to one-way roads as well as the direction of the traffic or additional road hazards such as construction or ice warnings” [Source: Online-Drivers-Licenses].  One thing you can keep an eye out for that will serve as an indicator that you are on a one-way street is the presence of white dotted traffic lines on the roadway – or the lack of yellow traffic lines. You can also take note of which direction traffic is flowing by looking at the arrows on the one-way signs. 

  1. Watch for Parked Vehicles on Both Sides of the Street 

One-way roads generally have vehicles parked along the sides of them which may disoriented drivers and only add to the risk associated with driving down these streets. So, when you travel down a one-way road be mindful of these vehicles and avoid speeding. 

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