Man Puller Over by a Police

What Drives a Person to Speed?

Ray Critchett July 24, 2018

Did you know that in 2015, 9,557 individuals were killed in speeding-related accidents [Source: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)]? The truth is, many of the individuals who occupy the roadways often engage in the act of speeding but fail to consider the consequences of their actions. When a driver travels five, 10, or 15 miles over the legal speed limit, this increases the chances of an accident occurring. 

There are several reasons why drivers speed and we cover a few of these reasons below. 

  1. Traffic- According to the NHTSA, traffic congestion can cause a driver to become aggressive, and speeding is a type of aggressive driving behavior. When a person is in a rush or trying to get to their destination rather quickly, they often choose to speed and drive carelessly when they feel other drivers are impeding their progress of getting there. 

  1. Running Late- Many motorists who are late to work, school, or a meeting or appointment are under the impression that if they put the “petal to the medal” that they will get there faster. Sadly, the only thing they do is create a more hazardous environment for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists. 

  1. Anonymity- Some speed and drive carelessly simply because they feel “shielded” from the world around them. The NHTSA noted that “this can lead to some people feeling less constrained in their behavior when they cannot be seen by others and/or when it is unlikely that they will ever again see the witnesses to their behavior.” 

  1. Disregard for others and the law- Regardless of what speed limit is indicated on the side of the road or whether a pregnant mother is transporting herself and her two-year-old to school, some drivers engage in the act of speeding simply because they can without considering anyone else around them. 

When a driver speeds beyond the legal limit, they are not only breaking the law but also behaving negligently. And in the event you were involved in a collision with a speeding driver who caused you to suffer from serious bodily injuries, you will have an easier time filing a personal injury lawsuit against them in an attempt to recover compensation for your losses. 

Many accident victims often turn to a knowledgeable Columbus personal injury lawyer that can help them fight for compensation for things like medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. At E. Ray Critchett, LLC we want to help get you the maximum settlement possible so that you are able to focus more on recovering and less on worrying about how you will be able to afford all these unexpected expenses that have arisen. 

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