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What Are Some of the Most Common Childhood Accidents?

Ray Critchett Oct. 8, 2018

Children are constantly testing the waters as they attempt to explore new things which sometimes puts them at risk of getting hurt. And because that is the last thing we want to happen to our child, it is important you familiarize yourself with the types of accidents that are considered to be some of the most common so that you prevent your child from engaging in an accident and potentially sustaining a serious injury. Although you may already be aware of what some of these are, we are sharing with you below a list of common accidents provided on behalf of Baby Center along with some tips on how to prevent your child from becoming the next victim to one of them.

  1. Burns

A burn may not only be painful, but it can also take a significant amount of time to heal. And depending on how serious the burn is, your child could be left with a scar. Now, burns can happen in several different ways which include:

  • Getting sunburned.

  • Sustaining a burn or shock from touching an electrical outlet or biting on an electrical cord.

  • Touching flames on a stove, lamp, matches, lit cigarettes, fireplaces, and house fires.

  • Touching hot surfaces such as a stove top, heater, or a microwavable container.

  • Touching hot liquid or steam from a pan, a hot water heater, or hot water in a bathtub.

You have to remember that although you may have told your child once before that the stove is hot or that they shouldn’t stick objects in the electrical outlets, they aren’t going to listen the first time around. That is why you should never allow them to get close to these things and if they do, you should be right there next to them informing them as to why they don’t want to touch it.

Preventing Burns

Some recommendations Baby Center provides on how you can prevent your child from sustaining a burn include:

  • Set water heaters no higher than 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Avoid leaving food cooking unattended on the stove and turn any hot pot handles away from where your child can reach them.

  • Children should always be supervised in the kitchen as there are many hazards there that could potentially harm them.

  • Install and maintain smoke alarms on each floor of your home, especially near bedrooms.

  1. Falls

The reality is, all children fall. Whether it occurs as a result of playing or during the time when they are learning how to walk, children are going to take a tumble here and there.  However, there are some places where falls occur more often which means you need to always be supervising your children when in these areas.

  • Shopping carts

  • Stairs

  • Highchairs

  • Slippery floors

  • Play equipment

  • Beds

  • Changing tables

  • Furniture

  • Windows that aren’t properly secured

How to prevent a fall?

  • Your child should be playing at age-appropriate playgrounds and never be left unattended.

  • A baby should never be left alone while in a highchair, on a bed, near the stairs, or on a changing table as they could easily fall and get hurt.

  • Secure your windows with guards, place gates in front of stairs, and put guard rails on cribs and beds.

Although it is inevitable that your child is going to get hurt, you can reduce the chances of them engaging in an accident by implementing these safety tips and the others offered on Now, if your child sustains an injury while they are under the care of someone else, whether it be at school or daycare, and you believe the injury could have been prevented had they been supervised, then you may have a personal injury case on your hands. In that case, it would be wise to contact Columbus, OH personal injury attorney E. Ray Critchett. Our office will assess your child’s injury, the circumstances surrounding how it occurred, and whether you have a viable case on your hands.

To learn more about personal injury law and how E. Ray Critchett, LLC can help you hold a negligent individual accountable for the accident your child was involved in, contact us today to schedule an initial consultation.

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